Create and Manage Cancellation Charter Policies

What does Create and Manage Cancellation Charter Policies module do?

You can create customize and manage cancellation charter policies for payments and/or due to epidemic – pandemic and/or due to insolvency – bankruptcy to fit your specific needs. For example, you may want to offer a more lenient cancellation policy for charters that are booked far in advance. Or, you may want to have different cancellation policies for different types of charters, such as leisure charters and business charters. Or, you may want to have a different policy for day charter from a multi-day charter, from period to period or yacht to yacht. It is very important and critical for your clients to trust you if they know from the very beginning what the cancellation policies are for the yacht and the period they have chosen to book. FOMCS Yacht and Charter Booking Management Software gives you all the features required to always have your charter cancellation policies updated and easily manageable.

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