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What is FOMCS Yacht Management Software and what does it do?

FOMCS is the ultimate Yacht and Charter Booking Management Software, available and used for the managerial needs of yacht owners, yacht operators, yacht managers, yacht brokers, yacht charter brokers and yacht agencies. FOMCS Yacht Management Software is a multi-functional software designed and developed by marine professionals to make the business easier and more profitable.

Why should I use FOMCS Yacht Management Software?

FOMCS is the Unique Software All-in-One for Yacht and Charter Management Business. Get clear visibility and control of your business. Choose the plan that suits you and you can upgrade to another license package at any time if your needs are greater. Is compatible with all devices, support it from all screens and in any resolution.

What additional advantages does FOMCS Yacht Management Software offer compared to other similar software?

Although there is no other similar software in the form of FOMCS, some of its advantages are:
• All-in-One for your entire company.
• The most modern and technologically advanced multifunctional software.
• User accounts with full rights and permissions from account holder managers and for each user individually in all application fields.
• Reducing the paper disorder and giving peace in workplaces by converting papers to electronic forms.
• Keeps all the data of yachts, customers, suppliers, crew, yacht bookings and sales in a safe and unlimited platform.
• Increases internal communication with the dashboard event log and keep everyone informed.
• Send automatically all alerts and reminders for all works and yacht docs libraries to all selected users and third parties as you have defined them.
• Templates for Charter and Sales documents. Design and issue hundreds of documents you need to run your business related to the charters and sales of your boats.
• Make your catalogs and price lists in 28 different available currencies. Every 4 Hours Update Exchange Reference Rates from FED & ECB.
• Upload unlimited own photos and videos for your boats.
• Share with all available messaging applications, Download or print e-Brochures with your logo and company details & Friendly Broker e-Brochures for your boats included unlimited your own photos and videos for charters and for sales.
• Speed up your workflow, connect with your partners and customers, build and publish your fleet online on your web site with our API’s and without any extra costs.
• Increases the yacht sales and charter bookings by providing interconnection with online marketplaces and charter booking portals.
• Promote your company and listings online, advertise your yachts on all our collaboration portals and social media without any extra costs on you, Receive more inquiries for yacht sales, Make more bookings.

Do I need to download or install FOMCS Yacht Management Software on my computer or any device?

No, FOMCS software is fully cloud based and that means you never need to install – download or update any software. Only an internet connection is all you need and work from everywhere.

How do I register and open an account?

Signing up is easy, and your account is confirmed instantly. In the FOMCS menu, select My account and on “Register” enter your email to create an account. A password will be sent to your email address with instructions to proceed further. Login with your credentials and subscribe – order the package what is fitting for your needs (as first time use the same email as you have been register). Note: 30 days free trial will be start. Once your order has been completed (a relevant automatic email will be sent to you), from My Account – Control Panel – Dashboard you can now Sign in to the MY.FOMCS software and start setting up your business. We would recommend that you watch the relevant videos that we have prepared for you before you start using the software.

Can I try FOMCS Yacht Management Software for free before purchasing it?

Yes, We offer fully functional trial of FOMCS Yacht Management Software if you chose “Lite Pack”. “Try before you buy” Start your 30 days free trial and experience FOMCS software for all your yacht and charter management needs.
No credit card details required. After 30 days free trial period you can upgrade to paid subscription or cancel your account. No contracts, no hidden charges.
Note: After trial period when you go to paid subscription all your own data continues to remain active until your subscription is canceled.

How do I purchase subscription?

Choose between one of our 4 different Subscription models with yearly license.

Can I customize my subscription with only functions and modules I need?

Yes, of course! You can full customize your subscription with only functions and modules that really you need for your business organization.
Do you thing in the future you want to enrich it with more modules and functions? No problem!
You will be able to choose anytime from those that already exist or from any new available versions with updates and upgrades.

May I upgrade my account after my subscription on Free Trial period?

Yes, during Free Trial period you are allowed to upgrade subscription program. We would like to advise you to start the trial period with the Lite Pack so that in the future you can upgrade to another subscription program since it is not possible to downgrade.

May I upgrade my account after my subscription is paid?

Sign in to your account and select Manage Subscription to see all available options. You may upgrade your account at any time up to Enterprise Pack. If you still need some help please contact with our operation department.

Which payment methods are accepted?

Atlantis Global accepts the following payment methods:
Credit / Debit card  — (MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express) via secure payment gateway iyzico a PayU company.
Bank transfer  — Can take up to 2 – 5 business days for bank transfers to clear through our banking facilities.
Digital Wallet  — BKM Express

Are there any applicable taxes?

Atlantis Global is an Turkey-based company. As such, Atlantis Global must collect GST/KDV from all Turkish-based customers. Atlantis Global will not collect VAT from customers- based within the European Union or other third countries according Turkish tax legislation (Export Registered Sales under Article 11/1-c of the 3065 No. VAT Law)

Can I get a refund?

Refunds for subscriptions are not available. If you’d like to cancel your active subscription there is not refund. After cancellation your subscription will not be automatically renewed if you have chosen payment by Credit / Debit card.

How do I update my billing details for my subscription?

The billing details and contacts details for a license of subscription have access to update on My account link on Billing Details. The billing details and contacts are viewed as the company’s owner details and have the authority to request changes to the license/subscription.

How can I change or reset my password for owner admin account?

To change your password:
1. Type on your browser
2. From My account select Login
3. Select Account Details
4. On the section Password Change insert first the old password and then write the new password – confirm the new password and press Save Changes
To reset your password:
If you’ve forgotten the password for your FOMCS account, follow these directions to reset it.
1. Type on your browser
2. Visit the My account page
3. Select Lost your password?
4. In the new window please enter your username or email address associated with your account and press Reset password
5. We’ll send you an email with a link that enables you to reset your password

How can I change or reset my password as user?

Important Note: Admin of the subscription can change or reset password as we described earlier on; How can I change or reset my password for admin account.


To change your password:

  1. Type on your browser and then Login
  2. Select My Profile
  3. On the section Password Change insert the new password  and press Save Changes

To reset your password:
If you’ve forgotten the password for your account, follow these directions to reset it.

  1. Type on your browser
  2. Select Forgot your password – Are you a User?
  3. In the new window please enter your email address associated with your account and press Request
  4. We’ll send you an email with a link that enables you to reset your password.
May I cancel and reactivate my subscription?

Your account will be automatically canceled if the subscription has not been paid. The data will remain active for 6 months. After 6 months if your account remains inactive all data will be deleted without further notice.

Are educational videos available to understand how is working software?

Yes of course, we have for the whole system and all the sectors a library with detailed videos that you can understand its operation. Again, in case you have any questions, we are at your disposal to clarify them. The educational videos are available for everyone who has an active subscription or in Free Trial mode at

From which devices may I use

You may use from all devices; mobile, tablet, netbook, laptop, desk pc and everywhere you have internet access. Perform your business easily!

Is responsive for all screens?

Yes, web/app is responsive – adaptive and support all available screens.

Once I setup an account, can I reach somebody if I have any questions?

FOMCS – has the best support staff in the industry. We’re not just saying that either as independent 3rd party reviews consistently rank us highest in customer support among all software solutions for yacht owners, managers, agencies and operators. Before or after you have an account, you can reach us. You can’t find this level of support anywhere else, we promise!

Is there any Help Desk Ticketing System?

Our help desk ticketing system collects, organizes, and tracks all of our customers support queries. With our ability to streamline processes, organize information, and simplify interactions, our help desk prevent important requests from slipping through the cracks. Submit your request or qu
ery. Τhe average response time is 12 hours – but never exceed 24 hours!

How do I know what is supported?
  • Incident Support – Identifying and troubleshooting problems in the system
  • Root cause analysis
  • Assistance with issues during registration
  • Assistance with issues during upgrades
  • Identifying and creating needed bug reports
  • Guidance around implementation and configuration
  • Integration support with other ATLANTIS Global Management Information Systems products
  • Support for evaluators
I have a development question. Where should I address it to?

Since development questions and requests are not covered by our support offering, customers with these kind of questions should first reported to our support department by email. If you still have questions, you can submit your request directly on FOMCS Ticketing System, where our whole community (including developers, support engineer) may provide assistance. Requests only applicable for those customers with accounts that have paid subscription and is valid. For such requests is not valid our policy “response time is 12 hours – but never exceed 24 hours”.


Can I ask for a quote for developing my website for online bookings with FOMCS Yacht Management Software API's?

Yes, of course we provide developing implement service for online rental shop, websites for real-time online bookings and marketplaces for owners which using FOMCS software and its API’s. So, whether you are yacht owner or yacht operator or yacht manager an specialized website development partners team can create custom made or template solutions for your company’s website and help you with the best way to reach new and repeat customers of you. Get in touch with us and speak more about your project with our specialized website development partners!

Do you have difficulties with API integration?

Contact with our company’s developer and we will be happy to help you integrate our API into your website.

Can I talk to a human?

Definitely. You can email us, and we will come back to you shortly with a voice call if you require. Our first available online agent will assist you. Τhe average response time is 12 hours – but never exceed 24 hours!


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