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Fleet Operation Management Control System [FOMCS] is an online software platform for yachts – launched in 2019 by software developers AGMIS S.A. which is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 – that allows service for back-office management in any company who manage and operate yachts.

To whom it is addressed

It is aimed at anyone who have a yacht or a fleet and want to have a well-managed tool, whether they are professional or not. Is aimed to all yacht owners, charter companies, yacht managers, yacht brokers and yacht agencies, the small and middle range business, and the enterprises. Extending FOMCS to all your networks.

Why is important?

It is the only software back-end tool that can do all those records and coordinate the tasks that need to be done on board and office works. fomcs.com is helping to keep thousands of businesses online and secure every moment. Build like the best.

What are the benefits?

Reduce your fleet operating cost with FOMCS software and provide cost efficient operation. One platform for all uses (All in One). As a FOMCS user, you can avail to utilize the latest technology and innovations for enhancing, efficiency, and growing your business as well. Also provide complete overview of data, centralized administration of data for technical management, streamlined workflow, reliable data synchronization, integration with third-party systems. So make the most of it!

What is the role of Fleet Operation Management Control System?

The main reason for the creation and role of the FOMCS software platform is the interconnection and complete updating of vessels in real time, the complete and easy recording of their data and the archiving of all those records related to the yachts, agencies, customers, suppliers, crew and all about your business management. The interconnection and the provision of a unique and user-friendly platform with other online portals and market places available for online bookings and yacht sales worldwide. It is the most direct and cost-effective way to ensure that your business will be as successful as possible.

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As a FOMCS user, you can avail to utilize the latest technology and innovations for enhancing, efficiency, and growing your business as well. So make the most of it! You can register and create an account according to your needs on the FOMCS platform. In the future all the work is done from the platform management functions. Αt any time you wish you can upgrade or downgrade your account according to your needs.

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