Channel Manager

What does Channel Manager module do?

Our FOMCS Channel Manager allows you to add channel management capabilities to your YMS (Yacht Management System).  FOMCS Channel Manager build and maintain relationships with distribution partners, resellers, or third-party vendors. You will work collaboratively to establish a strong network of partners, fostering communication, providing support and addressing any issues or concerns. You can manage with whom you want to cooperate and with your own terms and conditions. You also manage the time period you want to collaborate with your partners. Send rates, availability, data, and equipment list for distribution and receive booked reservations or requests using our FOMCS Channel Manager. With our Channel Manager, yachts can seamlessly synchronize their data, equipment list, rates, and availability across a multitude of online booking channels. This automation ensures real-time updates, eliminating the hassles of overbooking or rate disparities and providing peace of mind to owners, operators, and managers.

With centralized control, the owner, operator, and manager can effortlessly fine-tune pricing strategies and promotional offers across all collaborating channels, amplifying revenue management and boosting competitiveness. Use FOMCS Chanel Manager in harnessing the potential of this technology for a transformative edge in the market.

It will be available in the app for all subscriptions from June 2024.

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