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Account Management

Account Owner Profile, Administrator / Manager / User Profile, Subscription Info

Users Accounts Management

A user license determines the baseline of features that the user can access. Every user must have exactly one user license. You assign user permissions for data access through a profile and optionally one or more permission sets. Managing user account roles and permissions for each user separate, Cross-users team collaboration, Switching accounts, User Profile Edit, Billing account and documents library for each user, Assignable Alerts

Automated Email Policies

Set up your email policies from your settings for Expiring Account Subscription, Expiring Yacht’s Certificates & Licenses, Expiring Crew Documents, Booking / Option Create, Booking / Option Update, Option Cancellation Warning, Booking Unpaid Amount Reminder, Charter Departure & Arrival Reminder

Yacht Management

Yacht Specifications, Upload Unlimited Own Photos and Videos Gallery for Your Yachts, Yacht Inventory, Yacht Inventory Check in Online, Yacht Inventory Check out Online, Yacht Pricing (multi currencies), Yacht Extras & Optional Pricing (multi currencies), Yacht Cancellation Policy, Payment Policy, Yacht Booking Plan & Calendar, Fleet Plan, Yacht Service Plan & Calendar, Yacht Repair Tracking, Yacht Logbook, Plan & Calendar, Yacht Certificates & Licenses Library with Plan & Calendar, Yacht Certificates & Licenses Library / Reports, Automated Notifications via email and on Dashboard for Document Expirations.

Yacht Sales Management

Yacht Sales Management include offers, Sale Card with all payment records for yacht and other extras, Alerts with Due Payments on Dashboard, Documents of MoA, Bill of Sales, Authorizations and POA, Minutes of Minutes and etc… with Short Codes, Special Conditions of Sale, Sale Notes, Extra Services Notes, File Library. Direct requests from all collaborate Online Yacht Marketplaces Portals from Customers and Brokers without any commission or Service Fees.

Offers - Options - Bookings Management

Check Availabilities – Make Offers and set Options and Bookings (Instant or Upon Request) from your Customers and/or your Agencies, Financial Management for All Bookings, Direct Payments from Customers and Agencies for All Bookings, Electronic Invoice Issuance, Electronic Charter Party Issuance, Electronic Boarding Pass Voucher Issuance Directly from the Owner / Operator or Manager to the Customer or to the Agency, e-Crew List, Evaluation Reports for all Bookings if Applicable, Automated Notifications via email and on Dashboard for Due Payments on Bookings, Automated Notifications via email and on Dashboard for Option Expirations, Integration with Online Portals, Online Options and Bookings (Instant or Upon Request) without any Commission from All Collaborate Portals.

Customer Management

Customers Accounts, Customer’s Badges, Set Charter Offers – Options – Bookings, Make Offers and Set Sales for Second Hand Yachts, Customer’s Bookings – Options – Sales Reports, Customers Grid Table.

Agencies Management

Agencies Accounts, Agencies Badges, Set Charter Offers – Options – Bookings, Make Offers and Set Sales for Second Hand Yachts, Agency’s Bookings – Options – Sales Reports, Agencies Grid Table.

Crew Management

Crew Accounts, Crew Badges, Crew Profile Resume and Crew CV Writing, Crew Position, Crew Status, Crew Booking Plan, Crew Grid Table, Crew Certificates and Licenses Library, Automated Notifications via email and on Dashboard for Document Expirations

Base Managers

Base Managers, Base Managers Accounts, Base Managers Badges, Base Managers Profile, Base Managers Grid Table, Base Coordinates, Base’s Facilities and Local Context

Service Management

Services Accounts, Service Badges, Services Grid Table

Supplier Management

Suppliers, Suppliers Accounts, Suppliers Badges

Yacht Maintenance Management

Ensuring the regular and timely maintenance of main and auxiliary equipment is important for the safety and protection of the yachts. Planned services and history records. You may follow up all process of works for their development and keep up updated on real time.


Share / Download or print e-Brochures with your logo and company details & Friendly Broker e-Brochures for your boats included unlimited your own photos and videos for charters and for sales,

Certificates and Others

Upload and download Libraries with certificates, licenses (all documentation), for yachts, customers, crew, bookings and sales.

Templates & Documents

Templates for Charter and Sales documents. ​Design and issue hundreds of documents you need to run your business related to the charters and sales of your boats. .


Toggle Light and Dark Mode, List of Activities with Analysis, 28 Different Currencies for All Uses, Every 4 Hours Update Exchange Reference Rates from FED & ECB, Statistics

Educational Videos

Αs we constantly improve our products you have the opportunity to see our educational videos that will help to use in full resources and features of FOMCS software

Advertising Syndication

Promote your company and listings online, Advertise your yachts on all our collaboration portals and social media without any extra costs on you, Receive more inquiries for yacht sales, Make more bookings


Discover and use our APIs. Speed up your workflow, connect with your partners and customers, build and publish your fleet online on your web site and interconnect with online sales and booking listing portals and marketplaces.

Help Desk Ticketing System

Helpdesk ticketing system collects, organizes, and tracks all of our customers support queries. With our ability to streamline processes, organize information, and simplify interactions, our helpdesk prevent important requests from slipping through the cracks. The response time not exceed 24 hours!

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