Create / Manage and Track Tasks for Works and Services

What does Create / Manage and Track Tasks for Works and Services module do?

The best way to create, manage, and track tasks will vary depending on your individual needs and preferences of your business. Don’t experiment with different methods and tools until you find a system that works for you. FOMCS Yacht Management Software is the right partner for your business. Use FOMCS task management software that is specifically designed for yachts. This will make it easier to create and manage tasks, and to track their progress. Set up the system for communicating with the crew members and services – suppliers who are responsible for completing the tasks. This will help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the tasks are completed on time. Identify the tasks that need to be done, set a schedule for the tasks, categorize the importance of the work, follow the progress – status of the works and get notifications if the status has been changed. Regularly review the maintenance schedule to ensure that it is still accurate and up to date. This will help to prevent any critical tasks from being missed. Keep records of all the maintenance work that has been done on the yachts. This will help to track the yacht’s condition and to identify any potential problems early on. FOMCS Yacht Management Software gives you all the tools and more functions to run your business smoothly, easily, and efficiently.

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