Cruise-Ship Crew versus Yacht Crew

Cruise-Ship Crew and Yacht Crew of course have some similarities but, also there are some issues completely different. Especially after the coronavirus pandemic, this issue has been talked about much more because the majority of the cruise ship crew lost their jobs as global tourism was affected too strongly by the pandemic. They started to look for jobs in yachts and superyachts. The number of job applications to yachts and superyacht crew jobs, of the people having cruise ship backgrounds increased dramatically. In long term, it can make a change in superyacht crewing.

The list of differences as below:

  • The service expectations on yachts are bigger than cruise ships. This makes yacht crew jobs harder than cruise-ship crew. The line between what to do and what not to do is more clear in cruise ships.
  • Cruise-ship crew is paid all the year whereas yacht crew is mostly paid when the yacht is in use.
  • Yachts are privately owned but cruise ships are owned by a company. This is the biggest feature that shapes the differences between the two types of the crew.  Being privately owned means rules can be changed easily and subjective but being company-owned means the crew would never see the boss and the managers will manage the boat so the rules, procedures, standards are much more solid and visible.
  • Some people who worked in both says that tips are better in superyacht when compared to cruise ships. The reason of course intimacy. There are many workers in cruise ships and in yachts and superyachts the number goes down and intimacy goes up.
  • In a yacht, crew gives service to the owner of the yacht and his/her family or friends but in a cruise-ship many guests are all strangers. So in fact yacht and superyacht crew should keep lots of secrets.
  • On a cruise ship, crew members typically work long hours—up to 10 hours per day—and will have they often have to work on weekends and holidays. On a super yacht, crew members usually work around 8-10 hours per day, and they typically have more time off, defendant on the yacht’s itinerary.
  • Unfortunately, sexual harassment is common issue in cruise ship crew and superyacht crew. You can make further reading about this issue  Sexual harassment in Superyacht industry, and a law company’s page dealing the crimes in cruise ships 
  • Cruise-ship crew is trained better in terms of teamwork as the companies are corporate. So they can be better in teamwork. Yacht crew is hired independently and seasonally.

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