Regular Pleasure Yacht is a privately owned yacht and used exclusively by the owner and their guests. An Charter Yacht is available for hire, often with a professional crew or as bareboat if she is up 24 meters, for vacations, events, or special occasions.

But what are the differences between a charter yacht and a regular pleasure yacht?

There are several small and big differences in between a regular pleasure yacht and a charter yacht regardless of whether category is sailing monohull or catamaran or motor yacht and the size if cruise, luxury, super yacht or mega yacht.
Let’s see here their most basic differences:
a) First and foremost difference is the yacht maker. There are shipyards that cater exclusively to charter yachts, while there are shipyards that build boats and yachts after a special order (custom). However, this does not mean that there are shipyards that can and do build both for professional and private use.
b) The designers, naval architects, engineers and shipbuilding offices that design the boats and yachts of other categories and uses differ.
c) The internal and external configuration of the yacht differs when a yacht is for rental or for private use. Usually charter yacht have more cabins and on a smaller scale than a regular pleasure yacht, fewer amenities and common areas are more narrow. A yacht intended for regular pleasure use has more airy cabins, en-suite facilities and the common areas are better designed.
d) Another difference in between regular pleasure yacht and charter yacht is the the quality of construction materials and of course also the decoration materials. From the simplest ones such as the wood used, the electrical and electronic systems and in general all the equipment of the yacht.

Chartering Instead of Owning a Yacht is a Good Idea?

There are many advantages to chartering a yacht instead of buying and owning one!
Some of them are:
a) You can charter a yacht accordingly the number of family or friends will join you each time
b) You charter a yacht and sail to different places each time
c) You can charter a yacht accordingly your budget
d) You can charter a different yacht category to check the difference of each
e) You can customize your yacht experience
f) You can customize your crew onboard and food experience

There are some points also where can confused the charterer like:
a) Will the yacht be in good condition?
b) Who will the crew be?
c) Will they know the best, most secluded spots?
d) Will they remember that I have a peanut allergy?

For those people who desire a level of consistency and certainty, chartering a yacht can feel like “you have too little control”.

Is it Expensive to Own a Yacht?

Your major costs will be yacht crew, marina fees, fuel, insurance, management company fee and yearly maintenance included inspections and updated certificates. Please understand everything is variable based on those decisions plus the length of the yacht and age of your yacht. Owners can expect to spend about 10-15% of the purchase price annually on operating and maintaining a yacht.

Do Billionaires Charter Their Yachts?

Billionaires are known for their extravagant lifestyles and luxurious travel habits, and one of the most popular ways for them to experience the world is by chartering a superyacht or luxury yacht.

Do I Need a Yacht Management Program for Manage my Yacht if She is for Regular Pleasure Use or for Charter?

The answer is always Yes! You need a yacht management program or yacht management and charter booking management software if she is for chartering. FOMCS yacht management and charter booking management software is the ideal program to manage your yacht and/or to run your yacht charter business.

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